Eat Well. Drink Well.
Be Happy.

I LOVE food! Ever since I was young, food has captivated and inspired me. So many colors, flavors, textures and smells. I loved cooking with my mom growing up. She taught me the fundamentals of classic cooking - there's nothing more important than starting with quality, fresh ingredients. It was in my mom's kitchen that began my lifelong journey and formed the philosophy with which our restaurants are built.

If it was my mom who inspired me to cook, it was my dad who inspired me to truly appreciate a great meal. Neither of us particularly big guys, but I always said that pound for pound, my dad and I could out eat any father and son team in the world. We loved a great meal. From sharing a fresh loaf of bread & a gallon of fresh squeezed orange juice to a feast of stone crab claws and Dover sole meunierre, we loved the enjoyment of eating.

Good food makes people happy. Some of life's best experiences are made around the table. It brings me great pleasure when a guest is dining in our home or in our restaurants and you can clearly see the joy on their faces when they take that first wonderful bite. Food brings people together and there is no greater compliment that we receive than when you come back. We take great pride in having developed many wonderful friendships with our guests. We hope that you become one.

Eat Well. Drink Well. Be Happy!

~ Jonathan Lutz